University of Arizona

California Western School of Law, J.D.

About Nicole Barvié

As a first-generation American, I know firsthand that the legal system in this country is not always fair — especially to people of color, and especially to people whose first language is not English.

My parents immigrated from Mexico and Argentina, and growing up, I saw countless friends and family members not pursue cases because they were afraid and didn’t know their rights. The ones who did try to file a lawsuit were unable to find a lawyer who actually communicated with them in a way they could understand. 

I went to law school wanting to help underprivileged individuals navigate the legal system in this country. 

Along the way I had the opportunity to work for a boutique defense firm and gain invaluable insight and knowledge in evaluating cases from the insurance company viewpoint — an experience that equipped me with the unique perspective on how to maximize recovery for my clients. 

However, I knew I didn’t want to defend insurance companies long-term. 

So I learned everything I could about their tactics, and then I set off to start my own firm: a firm that would defend people against them.

Especially the people who need help the most. 

I aim to break down the barriers to the U.S. justice system so that everyone, especially immigrants, knows that they have rights and deserve justice. 

I want my clients to have a lawyer they can trust — without using legal jargon or speaking over their head — and keeping them informed every step of the way.

I do this by listening and understanding each of my clients and their problems, communicating with my clients clearly and openly, and always fighting for what’s right. 

I share my life with my husband, Jeff, my ride or die since 2010. We have two young daughters and two big Siberian cats. In my free time, I spend as much time as I can outdoors, working out on my Peloton, and watching true crime documentaries.